Things to Do

  • Red flowers flowers in the foreground with mountains in the background
    Nature photography (© FedByAdventure)

Check the calendar for scheduled events. A number of our events are free for members and otherwise open to the public.

Children’s Activities

Bring the kids and let them explore Otter Space.


We have eight miles of hiking trails, from the relatively easy trails along the Big Otter River to the more challenging Rich Cove Trail. There are a variety of ways to make loops out of the trails and you can incorporate the gravel road into those loops as well —  watch for vehicular traffic.


We have two ponds and the Big Otter River. Fishing is catch and release only. You must pack out all lines and tackle. Make sure you have any required licenses on you.


Preview what species you can watch at Claytor on our eBird list. Several groups come annually to do bird counts. We also encourage visitors to do their birding here.

Nature Photography

Wildflowers, insects, wildlife, birds, water: pick your favorite feature and take some photos!

Dining Alfresco

There are a variety of places where you can dine outdoors! We have a pavilion with six tables, which is sometimes reserved for groups and parties. There are also tables in the woods just past the pavilion on the Castle Rocks Trail and in Otter Space. The tables overlooking the Peaks of Otter at the farmhouse are a great place to take in the scenery. Sometimes the lawn at the farmhouse is closed due to private reservations, but several mowed fields around the property provide alternative outdoor dining spots.


Bring your pup and enjoy the woods! Dogs must be on a leash at all times. Shock collars or remote training collars do not comply. Pet parents must clean up after their pets. Bring a bag for pet waste and you can put it in the dumpster at the education building parking lot or pack it out.


We have periodic installations of art in the seminar room of the education building. Check our calendar for upcoming art classes and artist receptions.

Explore the Skies

Attend a public program at the Belk Astronomical Observatory.